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Pest & Bird Control

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Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions Across the UK

Our comprehensive pest control services ensure the preservation of your facility's integrity and hygiene standards. At our facilities management company, we prioritise the implementation of strategic pest management plans tailored to your specific needs. Utilising advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions, our expert team meticulously identifies, monitors, and eradicates pests, safeguarding your environment from potential infestations.

From routine inspections to proactive measures and swift response to emergency situations, we are committed to maintaining a pest-free environment conducive to productivity and well-being. With our integrated approach, you can trust in our dedication to upholding the cleanliness and safety of your facility, fostering a healthy and welcoming atmosphere for occupants and visitors alike.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

  • Rodent Control: Efficient removal and prevention of mice and rats to safeguard your property.
  • Insect Control: Targeted treatments for a range of insects, including ants, cockroaches, and bedbugs, ensuring a pest-free environment.
  • Bird Control: Humane and effective bird deterrent solutions to prevent damage and health hazards caused by birds.
  • Wasp and Bee Removal: Safe removal and relocation of wasp and bee nests to protect occupants and maintain safety.
  • Fumigation Services: Comprehensive fumigation to eradicate pests from large areas or entire buildings.
  • Preventive Measures: Implementation of long-term pest prevention strategies to keep your property pest-free.
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