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Facilities Management Services for Nurseries

Our facilities management services for nurseries are designed to create safe, welcoming, and stimulating environments that foster the growth and development of young children. We provide comprehensive hard and soft facilities management services designed specifically for educational settings. At Elevate FM, we recognise the unique needs and safety requirements that are required within premises for young people to learn, laugh and grow! 

Our Services Include:

  • Commercial Cleaning - Cleaning plays a crucial role in maintaining any educational facility, and our specialised commercial cleaning service is tailored to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and prevent outbreaks of infections or viruses. Health and safety are paramount in the operation of schools, nurseries, and colleges. By partnering with our facilities management company, you can ensure that little ones can play in a safe space and reduce the chance of illnesses.
  • Maintenance - Neglecting maintenance issues in educational settings, such as ignoring a broken window, neglecting cleaning, or delaying the resolution of plumbing issues, can pose serious risks to children, staff, or visitors, potentially leading to injuries. A lack of proper attention and care to these matters might not only endanger individuals but could also result in more severe consequences, such as the temporary closure of the nursery. Don't leave things unnoticed, contact our facilities management company to handle any planned or reactive maintenance services for your nursery.
  • Grounds Maintenance: We manage outdoor play areas and green spaces, ensuring they are safe for children. This includes lawn care and ensuring that all outdoor areas are free from hazards.

There are various other services that Elevate FM can accommodate. Forget the stress of dealing with multiple contractors when things go wrong or need to be seen to, instead, have one central point of contact that can arrange it all for you.

Let our facility management company in the west midlands help to keep your school, college and nursery safe. Contact us today to discover how we can work with you.

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