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Nursery Decking Replacement

Client: OSN– Polkadot, Kinwarton Road, Alcester

What the client needed

Polkadot nursery is part of the Old StationNursery Group which has 71 nurseries across the UK. It is registered for 81children aged up to five.

The children often like playing outside, but the decking in the garden area was coming to the end of its life and had begun to rot. The steps were becoming soft and sinking to one side when steppedon. A large planter was also losing board the bottom and the contents were starting to spill out.

All of this posed a potential hazard to young children at the nursery and staff and needed urgent attention to ensure the outdoor space could remain in use.

Why was Elevate FM chosen?

We had worked for the nursery previously and they were impressed with our high standard of work so invited us back fort his job.

What did Elevate FM do?

We began by taking up the old and damaged decking, replacing it with new timbers where needed. We added a new frame work to make it stronger and safer for the children and staff to use and extend its life.

The stairs were completely rebuilt and we also created a new planter.

Safety was at the forefront of our minds during all work.

Every area of visible wood was sanded well and anti-slip bars and rubber mats were put in place to ensure safety at all times.

The Elevate FM team all have an enhancedDBS and lots of experience working in the childcare and education sector. They even know how to work without interrupting nap time!


The decking is safe and secure and looks like new.

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