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Client Needs and Project Overview:

Moonpig required additional office space, a prayer room, and Ablution Wash Facilities in their warehouse to support their diverse team. These facilities were essential to ensure that all employees, regardless of their background or faith, could work comfortably and effectively.

Our Approach:

Guided by our vision to make customers' lives easier by addressing industry failings, we approached this project with a focus on reliability, transparency, and excellence. We committed to delivering on time and to the exact specifications required by Moonpig.

Why Elevate FM?

At Elevate FM, our core values are quality, innovation, authenticity, and integrity. These principles align closely with Moonpig’s values of being brave, raising the bar, keeping it simple, and thinking team. Both companies strive for excellence and innovation, making this partnership a natural fit.

Project Execution:

• Office Space: We constructed additional office space tailored to Moonpig's operational needs, ensuring a productive and efficient environment for their team.

• Prayer Room: Recognising the importance of accommodating religious practices, we built a dedicated prayer room, providing a peaceful space for reflection and worship.

• Ablution Wash Facilities: To support the prayer room, we installed Ablution Wash Facilities, ensuring that all employees have the amenities they need for religious observances.


The project was completed on time and met all the specifications set by Moonpig. By creating these facilities, we not only enhanced the functionality of the workspace but also supported Moonpig’s commitment to a positive, inclusive culture.


This project exemplifies how Elevate FM delivers on its promise to make our clients' lives easier through reliable and high-quality facilities management. Our alignment with Moonpig’s values and our dedication to addressing their unique needs underline our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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