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Midland Heart

Repainting -  head to the basement then they would be in the right place (basement hallway/stairs, toilet and kitchenette).

Redecoration of communal areas - walls, skirting and doorframes only. Colours to confirm as magnolia walls and white gloss on woodwork.There is paint at the unit please use this.

Resident of Flat 1 sometimes has a few things stored in the basement hall outside their door, so Keith and Lee knock on I am sure they would be able to see those items removed.

Finish painting the hallway, kitchen and W/C. Paint walls and gloss the woodwork.

Painted stairwells in magnolia and glossed skirting boards on hallway and stairs. Door frames and edges of door frames will have to be done on another visit due to plaster being wet. Keith painted WC and kitchen areas

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