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To prevent pigeons for roosting/nesting on new vacant apartment balconies as they are fouling everywhere and putting off potential buyers. The solution must be temporary but safe and suitable and must not fix into building.

To use temporary non piercing timber frame with fixings as best possible to secure in place to attach net using access equipment.

All the timbers will need to be painted before being secured into place and netting applied.

See photo - box section that needs emptying and bird spiking applied to prevent further issues. You mentioned it could be vacuumed out which sounds the best option.

The cleaning contractor (Fidelis) will complete the cleaning of this but Elevate will spike area

For clarity we are looking at spiking all ledges and cills which are above apt 29 and applying netting to those void balconies above 29 -Spiking to 3 apartments and netting to 2 apartments

Access equipment:

1 week hire

Client will review the Juliet balconies later as they haven’t seen the proposed product so there are safety issues and if they do decide to proceed with them, they can be fitted from within the apt.

Inc access equipment from GTA as this is still needed to install spiking to areas

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