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Communal Area Painting and Decorating

Communal areas in multi tenanted blocks need some tlc from time to time. Moving tenants, contractors, delivery people and visitors all contribute to wear and tear of the building. This could be in the form of constant use of the corridors, leaving finger marks on the walls, storing items like bicycles up against the communal area walls through to building movement which may leave unsightly cracks.

Most sites require the tenants to pay a service charge. Within this charge there is provision for the upkeep of the communal areas (grounds/hallways etc). A great way to keep all parties pleased is to ensure the communal walls are kept clean/tidy and fresh with a coat of paint. Cracks can be filled and the walls are given a new lease of life.

Our professional team of painters and decorators were able to transform this large block of apartments by filling cracks and repainting the woodwork and walls.

This meant the property manager stopped receiving complaints and had a lot less hassle.

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