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What's so handy about a handyperson?

What are handyperson services?

Commercial handyperson services cover a wide range of tasks. From minor repairs and improvements to larger, more complicated projects.  No task is too small, and it is the convenience of an on-call handyperson that offers real value.  From fitting light bulbs to carpentry, fitting locks, painting and more.

Who needs handyperson services?

Having a handyperson service available, is beneficial for those who are in charge of properties and/or their admin and upkeep. (i.e., Property managers, Health and safety managers, Office Managers, Facilities Managers); Across all industries incl. manufacturing, education, health, car showrooms and more. For those that have either a lack of time or inclination to carry out the little tasks that keep your site safe, functioning and looking good, then you need to consider having an on-call handyperson service.

Benefits of using a handyperson service

• Ease and convenience

• Safety compliance

• No need to buy tools and equipment

• No long-term costs of employing someone to be onsite when not needed.

• Fully insured

• Fast and reliable


Handy persons are multi skilled. They carry out tasks that require technical skills but generally that don’t require qualification i.e. certain electrical works. Examples of tasks our team undertake are:

• Lighting

• Hanging pictures

• Painting and decorating

• Fixing leaky taps

• Furniture assembly

• Tiling

• Carpentry

• Gardening and fencing

• Replacing for locks

• Graffiti removal

• Gutter and fascia cleaning

• Plumbing

About Elevate FM

At Elevate FM we pride ourselves on our trustworthy, friendly and professional approach. Our commercial maintenance handyperson team are experienced and professional whilst being discrete and tidy. The service provide is flexible and efficient, letting you get on with your core business.

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