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Ten top reasons to work with Elevate FM in 2021

Top Ten reasons for working with Elevate FM

It's a new year and a new start - time to put behind us the trials and tribulations of 2020 and look ahead to the future.

For many businesses and industries, it is a new dawn in every way as the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way they operate for good.

Planning for 2021 and ahead is a mammoth task and one which business leaders will have to be fully focused on if they are to do it successfully.

Which means they may struggle to find time to deal with some of the more mundane day-to-day tasks that running a business involves.

This is where expert help like that offered by Elevate FM comes into play.

Our specialist contractors can take care of all those tasks that, while an essential part of a successful business, aren’t necessarily at the heart of the money-making processes.

Elevate FM works in a variety of sectors including construction, retail, commercial property, offices, housing associations, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, block management, canals and waterways, venues and arenas and airports to offer help where it’s most needed.

As we move into 2021, we hope many of the Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted, but the signs are that social distancing and mask-wearing maybe here to stay for a while.

This means homes, venues and places of work must more than ever meet high standards of cleanliness and safety.

This takes time, effort and money but a facilities management company like Elevate FM makes it a piece of cake. Here are just 10 reasons why:

1. Cost-saving – we can deal with the unexpected there and then. You avoid sudden, unexpected sky-high bills and get the job done to a top-level specification.

2. Flexibility - we are just a call away and have the experts on hand to act at short notice.

3. Time-saving – with our trusted experts on hand, you don’t need to waste time researching contractors and reading testimonials.

4. High service quality – all our staff are experts in their field. We have plumbers, electricians, cleaners and a host of others who all know their jobs inside out.

5. Consistent service - we strive to provide the best service at all times and take pride in our work.

6. Sustainability - we will stay on top of maintenance work and keep up to date with all those little jobs that, if left can mount up to a much bigger, more expensive project. We will also identify issues and risks that may have a future negative impact and deal with them now.

7. Awareness – we will keep abreast of all legal changes. If there are changes to the requirements that need to be met when it comes to fire safety equipment or electrical installations, for instance, we make sure you meet those standards.

8. Environment – we also stay up to date with environmental requirements and can deal with issues like bats or nesting birds sensitively and within the rules.

9. Employee and tenant safety – we will make sure outside spaces are perfectly safe for any visitor to the property.

10. Peace of mind – your business in safe hands with us. You can rest assured that our trusted experts won’t let you down.

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