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Peace of mind through scaffold safety

Sometimes it seems that not a day can go by without reading about another terrible accident involving collapsing scaffolding.

Or the scaffolding’s failure may be more symbolic –like in the case of a structure holding up the US flag at a Trump rally just falling over.

But for us and our trusted and expert scaffolding teams, we could not take the safety of our staff more seriously.

When you invest in our services, you are investing in flawless adherence to health and safety law and guidelines. We have a proud record of zero accidents and are committed to ensuring a future unblemished by mishap.

Scaffolding is integral to the construction industry with around 65% of the workforce involved in work from height. When used properly, scaffolds can save significant time and money – and that’s one aspect of what we do for you. Scaffolding is convenient and necessary.

We invest a lot of time in making sure we are on top of latest best practice safety guidelines to avoid major hazards which have been well-documented. All employees who work on scaffolding have regular, rigorous training. 

Putting up scaffolding properly is essential in preventing its collapse.

How much weight the scaffold will have to hold, including the weight of the scaffold itself, materials, and workers must be borne in mind. Foundation stability, placement of scaffold planks, distance from the scaffold to the work surface, and tie-in requirements are other considerations.

Our teams pre-plan the structure and regularly inspect it to reduce risk.

Another way that people are hurt when scaffolding goes wrong is when materials or tools fall from the platform, sometimes from a great height.

This doesn’t happen on our watch. We install necessary safeguards including toe boards or netting, or can include barriers to prevent individuals from walking under work platforms. Clearly marked Caution or Danger tape may sound a great idea but often it’s not enough. A more robust system such as plastic mesh or wooden barriers can have more impact while still being easy to maintain. 

We know that scaffold safety starts from the ground up. Safety and efficiency runs through all our maintenance services. This is another benefit of using a united service such as ours to look after your facilities management needs – do you really have time to be checking out credentials of different suppliers when you just want the job done?

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