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Keep your school’s facility management on top form

There are many elements that contribute to a well-performing school that can run smoothly, with a lot going on behind the scenes. At Elevate FM, we provide educational facility management services to schools and academies so that you can keep everyone happy and safe.

Alongside the government health and safety guidance, our facility management company in Birmingham have set out some of the key things that we can help you with to prevent any disruption or hindrance to your school or academy.

Commercial Cleaning

Having a clean environment is a crucial part of any school, not just for health & safety reasons but for children and staff to feel comfortable. No one wants to have to attend a place that lacks hygiene and doesn’t meet expectable standards. We offer a commercial cleaning service in Birmingham and the West Midlands, so you can trust us to leave everyone with a tidy space that they can learn in. We have worked across many schools and educational establishments to handle daily cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and many other services. Our team are fully-trained in effective techniques that reduce cross-contamination and enhance cleanliness in every aspect. If you are looking for reliable commercial cleaning for schools, we are your go-to.

Building maintenance

In order to keep a school running without problems that could’ve been rectified, you must maintain the building upkeep and features. From broken windows to roofing issues, every reaction will impact all children and staff which can ultimately disrupt their learning. Some more serious issues or ones that have been pushed to the side for too long, can leave your school needing to close as it would be deemed unsafe. To prevent this from happening, you should keep on top of the building maintenance and resolve issues promptly. Our facility management in Birmingham can be your port of call when you need something fixed. Gone are the days of needing to call out multiple contractors for each job, you can now call us and we can come out to handle it all. Simply give us a call and our team of professionals will be out to you quickly and resolve the issues.

One of our biggest services is our handyman service which we can deliver to clients across the West Midlands. Going in hand with our building maintenance, we have specialists in each trade that you need for various jobs.

Emergency repairs for schools

Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to schools but if you don’t act quickly with some issues, it can again result in the place having to shut for longer than it has to. Sometimes things crop up that we hadn’t predicted and can leave us scrambling for help, such as a hot water failure or serious structural damage from the weather. Whatever it is, our facility management team can come and sort the issues quickly. We are on-hand to work with you when you need us.

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