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Keep your nursery safe and smooth-running

Keeping children safe is at the forefront of everything that we all do and it is an especially prominent factor in nurseries. Every parent wants to be able to leave their child in a trusted environment and in the safe hands of your staff. There are many aspects that need to be maintained, monitored and sometimes fixed to allow a smooth-running facility and prevent any harm to the children. Elevate FM provide a facility management solution to the education sector and often partner with nurseries to protect all staff and pupils.

What do we do for nurseries?

Building maintenance

You are bound to have general maintenance jobs pop up around the place, from changing lightbulbs to repair work, we can handle it all for you. It can be challenging enough to run a nursery, so we eliminate the need for you to trail through and find the right contractor for the appropriate job, you can leave it all to us. It is so much easier to have one point of contact for when things crop up around the nursery and our team will be there immediately to sort it.

If your building starts to show signs of wear and neglect, it can deter parents from wanting to keep their children at your nursery. Let us keep on top of all your general maintenance for the nursery. The same applies to having inadequate facilities or features and this could harm the child’s health, for example not having sufficient heating systems throughout the building can leave it too cold for the little ones.

In line with safeguarding, you should have a good level of security for the building and the neglect of items such as windows and doors can breach that. At Elevate, we will make sure that everyone is surrounded by good security features and prevent anything further happening.

Commercial cleaning

Cleanliness is another key aspect of keeping everyone safe, and this is another job you can leave to our experts. From a daily clean to deep commercial cleans, we can work with you at the level that you need us. Having a clean nursery will prevent the risks of infections, illness and anything else being transmitted between the children or staff.

Emergency repairs

Unfortunately, we are sometimes faced with problems that need to be seen to immediately. Events such as flooding, hot water failure and serious structural damage can prevent your nursery from being able to run normally. However, our facility management company are on-hand to help 24/7 and can come to immediately rectify the issues. Again, this is when it is handy to have one contractor as opposed to multiple, so you can contact us right away and get a response.


Especially in the summer months, you want to encourage the children to play outdoors. Therefore, you need a clear, open space with no overgrown bushes, grass etc. Our team of professionals can come and make this happen, leaving you with a clear environment for the kids to play in.

We have delivered our facility management to many nurseries across the Midlands. One of our clients is Bright Minds Daycare Ltd, which operates several sites across the West Midlands. Elevate FM partnered with them to offer a high standard of care and encourage their sites to run continuously with the help of us when necessary.

We can assure you that all our staff have had an enhanced DBS check.

Our services aren’t limited to just what is above, we can provide a whole scope of jobs to different industries. If you think that our facility management services could be a great fit for you, please get in touch by calling 0330 128 9898 or completing our contact form.

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