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Healthcare facilities management services

Facility management is an important factor within any healthcare environment. Health and safety should be of the utmost importance to protect staff, visitors, residents, and anyone else.

Who can benefit from our facility management services in Birmingham?

• Hospitals

• Doctors’ surgeries

• Care homes

• Dentists

• Community Health Centres

Why should you have facility management in the healthcare sector?


This is a crucial element of any healthcare environment where everyone within these venues should feel safe and looked after. There are many ways a facility management company can help you, from fixing a broken light to dealing with serious problems such as flooding. To prevent any accidents from happening, you should keep on top of your building maintenance and enlisting some help from us can make this happen. Some things may seem minor at an initial glance and you may think to yourself ‘oh, I’ll fix that later’ but this can be forgotten about or pushed aside until it worsens or has caused an accident. Our facility management company in Birmingham can come out and rectify any issues immediately so that there are no further problems, it’s as simple as that.

Safety isn’t just about the building maintenance services though, it can be a wider project with many other branches spouting off it. Another facility management service for healthcare is security, this can vary from manned security to CCTV cameras. For example, you may have CCTV in a care home to monitor who enters and leaves the premises for the safeguarding of the residents. So, rather than searching for a security company, you can have one point of contact to sort everything. Rather than outsourcing all these branches, work with us to discover how we can help you and avoid the annoying job of finding the right person for the job.

You don’t want to have missed something that puts people at risk or can lead to a closure of the premises, this will cause a knock-on effect and could cause further harm. To prevent this from happening, you can call our facility management company in Birmingham.

Sometimes, serious problems can annoyingly crop up that weren’t planned, such as hot water issues or flooding. To get your business back up and running quickly, you can ask your facility management company to come out and sort the issue. At Elevate FM, our 24/7 facility management services mean that we can be with you in an emergency and help resolve any problems.

Reduce the risk of disease

Following on from our last point, you need to get certain issues sorted immediately so that they don’t harm the health of any patients or residents. For example, a problem with the heating in a care home can significantly impact an older resident’s health – something they should not experience in a place like this.

In this interesting article, you can find out a few of the top dirtiest things within a hospital. These areas can often go a miss and be forgotten about or not thoroughly cleaned, a nightmare waiting to happen!

Our commercial cleaning in Birmingham is widely appreciated in the healthcare sector as it is extremely valuable in these types of environments. Our cleaning ability ranges from daily cleans to deep intensive cleans, both are required in all healthcare premises. To prevent the chance of spreading diseases or illnesses, patients and residents must be in an exceptionally clean and sterile place. In the current climate with Coronavirus, we must all be more aware of illnesses and think about hygienic practices. A lack of cleaning in somewhere like a hospital could cause an outbreak of sickness that is passed between patients, staff and visitors – a mix we don’t want to see.

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