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Don't forget your cleaners this Christmas

Commercial cleaning services

It's been a Hokey Cokey year for office workers so far - in, out, back in and then all out again.

Who knows when there will be a mass return to office working full-time - or if there ever will be. Remote-working certainly looks set to become the norm for many staff as we move into 2021.

However, in these unsettling times, one thing has remained certain - our offices are still there, and, whether we have been in them or not, they have needed cleaning and maintaining.

Cleaning has become of paramount importance during the pandemic. The staff that have been in offices have needed to be kept safe from infection and, while only partly-occupied, the whole premises had tobe ready for a possible return of other staff at short notice.

During this time, office cleaning and maintenance teams have been going above and beyond to ensure the safety of workers and it is important that their work does not go unrewarded.

As Christmas approaches, we may be thinking about how to celebrate the festive season. While the traditional office party looks unlikely - probably to the relief of many cleaners - remote get-togethers and virtual Secret Santa gifts may be the order of the day.

But we should not forget the teams of people who have been quietly working so hard behind the scenes.

So how can we show these teams that they are appreciated? Making sure they are on our Christmas gift list is a start.

But what to give in these times of social-distancing and virtual interaction?

Certainly nothing associated with cleaning.Forget the dusters or latest carry bag to fit cleaning equipment in. They will not appreciate that!

Sending vouchers via email or post would be the perfect gift this Christmas.

The vouchers could be for a meal out, a spa treatment or an outdoor event. Vouchers for online retailers would also be perfect.

We should give those that look after us something to look forward to. It's all any of us want this Christmas.

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