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Commercial Cleaning in Birmingham

Commercial cleaning is not only important for appearance but to withhold good hygiene and safety for everyone. As a facility management company in Birmingham, we provide this service to businesses across a wide range of sectors. From hospitality to health and education, we can create a clean environment for staff, residents, children and everyone else.

Our team of commercial cleaners can complete jobs from regular daily cleans to deep intensive cleans that can be valued in hospitals, schools and many other public establishments.  

Since the pandemic, hygiene has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind and crucial within a business. With hybrid working the norm, hot desking is a popular method of working and so office space should be clean for everyone that uses it. Our team of office cleaners in Birmingham work in the busy city businesses to clean offices, shared areas and anything else that you need.

Another popular service that we deliver to clients across the West Midlands is carpet cleaning. This can be a great cleaning technique for the education sector. Nurseries are particularly likely to see a lot of mess on the carpet and sometimes the hoover just isn’t good enough. Prevent the chance of any diseases transmitting from dirt and keep your children and staff safe with our carpet cleaning for nurseries, schools, and academies.

Why should you use a commercial cleaner?

Save time

Whether you are a smaller independent business or a multi-national one, it can be hard to find time for cleaning alongside all your other responsibilities. Therefore, it can be easier to outsource certain jobs to a facility management company and have them keep on top of it.


The dustpan and brush are sufficient for a bog-standard clean but when you want something more than that, you need the right cleaning equipment. Employing a commercial cleaning company will mean that they turn up with the equipment needed for the job. From window cleaning poles to floor polishers, there are specialist tools to keep your business clean.


Elevate FM’s team of qualified commercial cleaners will be able to complete regular cleaning for you even during holidays and staff illness. You don’t have to rely on in-house sickness preventing the jobs from getting done as our team will always be there to help and fulfil the requirements.

Commercial cleaning West Midlands

Elevate FM has a successful track record of supplying commercial cleaning across local areas in the West Midlands. Our expert team delivers results that are of an exceptionally high standard and you won’t ever be disappointed. As a facility management company in Birmingham, you can have one point of contact for all the jobs you need, gone are the days of sourcing multiple contractors.

To discover how we can support you and your business, please get in touch by completing our contact form.

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