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Be a bright spark this Christmas - get the professionals to check your lights

Has Christmas come early for you this year?

Many people started putting up their decorations earlier than ever this year as they looked for a little festive cheer among the coronavirus gloom.

And it was a welcome sight to see so many homes and business lit up with festive displays.

But while they area delight to see, Christmas lights, if they are wrongly or inexpertly installed, can prove a danger and put homes and business premises at risk of fire.

Anyone planning an impressive festive light display this year would be advised to get a professional in to install them and make sure they are safe.

It's always better to be safe than sorry.

There is a huge array of lights available, both indoor and outdoor, and it can be a difficult choice to pick the right ones.

Whatever the choice, the following steps should always be taken into account to ensure safety comes first before buying lights, especially if it’s a big workplace display.

• The first thing anyone buying lights should be aware of is that there are unscrupulous traders who sell online and may be supplying unsafe products. Buyers should always check products have all the appropriate safety certificates and seek professional advice if it’s not clear.

• When deciding where to put the lights up, make sure they are nowhere near anything that could ignite, such as paper.

• Make sure plenty of sockets are easily available as they should not be overloaded and extension leads should be used with care.  

• If you plan to install lights outside, double check that they are actually suitable for external use.

• If using lights are from last year, always check for any damage or loose wires.

• When buying new lights, be aware that LED lights are recommended because they operate at a low voltage, which reduces the risk of electric shock, use less power and generate less heat.

Once you have chosen the correct lights and decided where they are going to go, that is the point to get advice from the experts to ensure they are installed entirely safely.  

Elevate FM can help provide professional electricians to carry out checks on workplaces to give you complete peace of mind during the festive season, without scrimping on the Christmas spirit.

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