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A quick guide to facilities in the education sector

At Elevate FM we recommend all schools, no matter their size or status, have a planned maintenance programme in place, and a reactive resource to deal with those ‘little emergencies’ that pop up.

Education facilities i.e., Schools, Academies, Colleges etc need to be kept in good condition to serve their purpose, serve it well, keeping students safe, and to last as long as possible, in the best condition possible.

Of course, having facilities looking their best is a priority, but the ultimate priority is the pupil’s, staff and visitor’s safety.  

Preventative, Reactive and Predictive Maintenance

Planned, preventative maintenance can be scheduled in with regular reviews and checks to ensure that any potential issues are tackled before they become a problem.

Reactive maintenance is having a solution in place to react quickly to the emergencies that occur.

Predictive maintenance monitors the performance of equipment to reduce the risk of failure and helps determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed.

What to consider when reviewing facilities management

Consider what needs maintaining.

It would be a wise idea to make a list of all the areas and equipment that need maintenance. This way you can categorise whether it requires preventative, predictive or reactive maintenance in place and who can provide that. A complete facilities audit should be carried out and a regular check of this in place.

Consider your Budget

Although financial concerns shouldn’t be the leading factor for your decisions, it is inevitable that it needs to be considered, and help prioritise solutions. Schools have a duty of care to those in their charge and so there are legal obligations to maintain health and safety standards.  

Review your facilities management provider.

Your facilities management partner needs to be able to cover the areas and equipment that need maintaining, efficiently, effectively and within budget.

Areas of Maintenance

 Interior Maintenance

• Daily Cleaning

• Consumables

• Electrical

• General repairs

• Painting and Decorating


• Pest control

• Exterior maintenance

• Painting and decorating

• Paths and driveways

• Landscaping

• Pest control

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